I just wanted to thank you for your help the day before the marathon. I came to Nashville with no hope! I had pain even before I run but after treating my knee I didn't feel any pain. I felt super and energized.

When I was running down those hills, I was expecting to crash, but mile-by-mile I moved smoothly to the finish. I came in 16th overall, 14th in men's division, and 2nd in my age group with a time of 2:39. Thanks again for your expertise! I will stop by when I come to Nashville again, and I will recommend those who need help to you. I already talk to my friends about you.

~ Samson Kipchirchir

Thank you, Dr. Hunter! Several of my co-workers had encouraged me to visit Dr. Evans of Chirofit. My experience at Chirofit has been unbelievable. The team of supporters, the staff, which greet you on a continual basis, reinforces my passion to keep coming in and working towards my personal goal. It feels good to hear your name called as you enter the building. It's the little things that don't go unnoticed. Dr. Evans performed the initial evaluation to measure my physical strengths and weaknesses. I immediately recognized that Dr. Evans provides ease-of-comfort by constantly communicating during every visit. He truly builds relationships with his patients.

I've been a patient of Dr. Evans for about six weeks. Over the course of this short time period, I have seen and experienced some major changes in reference to my health. I am proud to say that I feel better than ever before, and as well as decreased my weight by 23.5 lbs. I previously experienced periodic headaches and now I can honestly say that I haven't encountered any thus far. I've noticed many physical changes, so have others, which afford me major compliments. Chirofit sincerely provides you with all the tools needed to become physically sound. Thanks Chirofit for your professionalism, encouragement, support and a great relationship!

~ J. Mason

I was 14 when I started having lower back pain. I’m now 37 and over the course of the last 23 years, I’ve been “treated” by chiropractors who now form a long list of doctors who failed to get me any long-term relief. Over time, my lower back pain spread down the back of my legs, up into my mid-back, then eventually into my neck, causing horrible headaches. I started to think that I was in a helpless situation, that this was a condition I had to live with, and that I was just getting old.

Everything changed when I started seeing Dr. Evans. He approached my problems from a “whole body, whole lifestyle” perspective and concluded that my problems could be solved not only through chiropractic treatment, but also with better nutrition and better footwear. I always thought I was a healthy eater until he explained to me that most of what we eat is loaded with bad sugars and a lot of chemicals, even those products that claim to be healthy, low fat, etc. The buildup of these pollutants in my body was causing inflammation and stiffness. He put me on a simple diet. By the third day of the diet, the stiffness in my mid back was gone! A few days later, my lower back pain was gone! By the second week, the chronic tendonitis in my left arm…gone! Headaches…gone! In two weeks I dropped 10 pounds with no hard exercise, and I’ve got more energy than I know what to do with! Even my skin tone has improved and everyone tells me how great I look.

Through this healthy lifestyle change and the therapy at the clinic, I feel incredible. I almost bounce out of bed in the morning; job stress doesn’t get me down; and I’m always in a good mood (which my son and wife also appreciate). I feel 10 years younger and about 10 times more self-confident! Now I am in control of my body, my health, and my life!

~ Robert Collard

I have been under Dr. Hunter Evans care for less than one month and my life has been radically changed. For over a year and a half I woke up everyday feeling exhausted and had excruciating pain in my joints.

I am only 31-years-old and a mother of two beautiful children. After visiting many doctors and getting the same answer, “you need anti-depressants” or “you have fibromyalgia”. I decided to try Dr. Evans and he has been an answer to my prayers. By following his treatment for only two weeks I feel totally energized and capable to do my daily activities without having to push myself. I literally have no pain in my body! I have been a dance instructor for many years, and I was so discouraged because I felt so unhealthy, constantly tired, and unable to do many things I love to do. My whole family has been positively affected by my visit to Dr. Evans. Recently, I was outside with my 7-year-old son playing football and it made me realize how sick I had felt as well as how long I had felt sick. Now, I feel great!

The staff at this office is so caring and fun to work with. I know at Chirofit their passion is to see people like me become strong and healthy. I would highly recommend anyone to Dr. Evans.

~ Yolanda Lilly

I used to experience incredible pain in my legs. I finally went to a doctor out of desperation only to be scared into taking steroids for the pain. The doctor told me I had described Sciatica perfectly to him. After finishing the 6-day dose of steroids and promising myself I would never take them again I just knew there had to be an alternative to medicine. My boss told me about Chirofit so I made an appointment thinking "What do I have to lose?”

Dr. Evans went through a series of questions and adjustments with me. He also taught me several exercises that would target building the muscles where I was having so much pain. I thought it was a little too easy and wouldn't really help my problem. Dr. Evans introduced me to the healthy lifestyle eating plan as well as a natural supplement for acid reflux. Within two weeks I had lost 6 pounds, my acid reflux was no longer an issue, and my pain in my legs has completely subsided. Wow! I am amazed at the results. It sounds a little incredible but Chirofit is a 1-stop shop for all your health concerns. I would recommend Chirofit to anyone!

~ Kelly Free

About October 2008 I suffered from severe back pain. I tried exercise to lose the weight in my stomach. Somehow, I thought if I could lose the large stomach, the pain would go away. I met Dr. Hunter Evans while in the gym working to get better when he assured me he could help. Keeping him to his word, I started weekly sessions in his office. This led to a strict diet, colon cleanse and detox.

After a few sessions I began to lose weight and felt much better. I still wanted the stomach gone, though! So, I sought the help of Jennifer Guerrero, one of Chirofit’s personal trainers. I saw her once a week and Dr. Hunter once a week, along with my exercise program, I am feeling like my young self again. Five months later, I lost 35 lbs and went from a size 40 to a size 35 in pants. My wife can’t believe the difference in me. She thought this would be just another phase, but I have stuck with it and will continue to do my best! Thank you, Dr. Evans!

~ Glenn L. Lewis
09/23/08-Total Cholesterol 155…Triglycerides 214
3/27/09- Total Cholesterol 106…Triglycerides 73


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